Why SD?

Are you interested in sharing your opinion on the controversies and challenges facing UVA, the nation, and the world? Are you open to volunteering your own perspective and having your thinking challenged by those whose perspectives are different? Sustained Dialogue brings together groups of diverse students for honest, open dialogues about issues that matter. Connect with your University, build new friendships, and be part of a conversation that goes deeper than talking about the quality of the dining halls—sign up for Sustained Dialogue today!

Members can look forward to:

Interacting weekly with a group of about 15 students

Engaging with tough, controversial, and taboo subjects

Challenging the status quo to make the University a more open, inclusive place

Members participate in weekly 90-minute dialogues facilitated by student moderators and in periodic socials with their own group and with the larger SD community at UVA. SD promotes building relationships, challenging social norms, and creating a more positive university experience for all students.