Executive Board 2017-2018

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      Chair: Mary Grace Sheers (mgs9ap@virginia.edu)

Sheers, headshotFavorite SD moment: Heading to Newcomb to grab dinner after a dialogue and having an even better dialogue with almost half of my group.  I loved the social connections built from hanging out after the official dialogue time.
Other UVa Involvement: I am the Senior Resident of Tuttle-Dunnington, a first year dorm.
Favorite UVa Spot: Alderman Cafe means a lot to me
Favorite color: Bright green warms my heart
A good joke: How does Moses make tea? HeBREWs it (get it?! Like, Hebrew?)


Vice Chair for Moderators: 
Jenna Wichterman (jlw2fy@virginia.edu)

Why I love SD: love Sustained Dialogue because I love people’s stories. And I love seeing people brought together, rather than torn apart, by their differences in perspectives. LinkedIn
Other UVa Involvement: A member of Second Year Council (Dinner Series Committee), Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), and a News writer for the Cavalier Daily.
Favorite UVa Spot: It’s a toss-up between Grit/Para and Alderman Library
Favorite color: Blue
A good joke: What do you call a cow with one leg? A stake. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.


Vice Chair of External Relations: Taylor Trumble (tnt4ne@virginia.edu)


Favorite SD moment: My favorite moments in SD are when someone says “wow, I’ve never even thought about that before” after another participant shares a story, and you get to see people’s whole perspectives open up.
Other UVa Involvement: I’m also heavily involved in working against domestic violence as an intern at the Shelter for Help in Emergency, and a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
Favorite UVa Spot: You can find me in a hammock somewhere on Grounds. I’m almost always hiding somewhere in a garden on Grounds doing work and eating snacks.
Favorite color: A really nice light blue is always good
A good joke: How many eggs do the French put in their omelets? They use just un oeuf. (This joke is really only funny if you say it out loud and know that un oeuf sounds like enough and means one egg in French…but either way I love it)


Vice Chair of Internal Relations: Pearl Risberg (plr3sn@virginia.edu)


Favorite SD moment: During the 2016 Fall semester, we finished off a religion dialogue by writing an all-inclusive definition of religion. The group came together to create something beautiful and reflective of the huge diversity in the room.
Other UVa Involvement: Coxswain on the men’s rowing team and LBGTQ center volunteer.
Favorite UVa Spot: I love studying at the foot of the Homer statue on the lawn.
Favorite color: Blue
A good joke: What did the farmer use to make crop circles? A pro-tractor


Vice Chair of Finance: Shannon Khurana (svk7eg@virginia.edu)


Why I love SD: It provides a space to lean into discomfort and talk about difficult subjects in a respectful way.
Other UVa Involvement: I’m the President of the Queer Student Union and Nu Omega Iota. I am also the Women’s Center Director’s Intern as well as an activist for LGBTQ Student Rights.
Favorite UVa Spot: I love Sticks Kebab Shop. I go there at least once a week and even have a punch card.
Favorite color: Lavender


Vice Chair of Public Relations: Rawda Fawaz (rf2ja@virginia.edu)


Favorite SD moment: There was a moment in one of my groups when a participant had just finished sharing something very personal, and then he paused, looked around, and said “I can’t believe I just shared that with people I’ve only known for a few weeks…but I feel safe here for some reason.” Moments like that define SD for me.
Other UVa Involvement: DREAMers on Grounds, Middle Eastern Leadership Council, UJC, Shakespeare on the Lawn, Paul Robertson Players
Favorite UVa Spot: Alderman. Always Alderman.


PULSE Liaison: Jonathan Lee (jtl4br@virginia.edu)

20160911_065945Why I love SD: It gave me a place to have the deep conversations I was looking for in college and speak honestly about my frustrations at UVA.
Other UVa Involvement: PULSE (of course) and the Peer Advising Family Network. I’m also an RA, a Computer Science TA, and a research assistant
Favorite UVa Spot: The new 1515 building!
Favorite color: Blue
A good joke: Helium walks into a bar. The bar tender says, “We don’t serve noble gases in here.” Helium doesn’t react.