Executive Board 2018-2019

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Chair: Jenna Wichterman (jlw2fy@virginia.edu)

As Chair of Sustained Dialogue, my role is to be the liaison between Sustained Dialogue and the rest of the university (both students and administration), oversee and provide support and accountability for the rest of SD’s executive board, and help shape the vision for SD’s future direction. In this next year, I’m hoping to help foster an increasingly diverse moderator and participant body (especially racially, politically, and socioeconomically), set the foundation for SD at UVA to explore the implementation of collective action within SD groups in response to particularly stimulating dialogues, and build a stronger community within the moderator body.


Luke campingVice Chair of Moderators: Luke McPhillips (lrm3km@virginia.edu)

As vice-chair for moderators, I am responsible for the vibe of the mod body! That means providing the opportunity throughout the year to socialize, expand the mod skill set, engage outside opinions and to feel at home in this organization. It also means defining the direction of the mod body in the coming years. In the spring, I am responsible for recruiting the new mod class for the following year.


IMG_3675Vice Chair of Internal Relations: Meaghan McGowan (mkm3rj@virginia.edu)

As Vice Chair of Internal Relations, I am responsible for the inner workings of SD’s day-to-day operations, as it pertains to participants. That means organizing groups, meeting with participants, getting feedback from participants, and acting as a general liaison for participants and SD’s organizational structure. As a participant myself, and not as a moderator, I am hoping to provide increased insight into the participant experience as well as giving participants a more direct connection to the moderator body and executive board. I also want to make their experiences better by creating the most productive dialogue groups possible so that their time in SD is meaningful and well spent!


1225161519Vice Chair of External Relations: Jordan Bridges (jeb3dd@virginia.edu)

My role as Vice Chair of Externals is to serve the SD, UVA, and Charlottesville communities by providing opportunities for meaningful and relevant dialogue in hopes of inspiring change.






fullsizeoutput_14ccVice Chair of Public Relations: Chris Deal (cad7va@virginia.edu)

My role as Vice Chair of Public Relations is to facilitate and lead the recruitment of participants and moderators in Sustained Dialogue. Essentially, I advertise to the public what we are doing so that we can gain more participants and more interest in our organization.


MGTreasurer: Mary Garner McGehee (mgm6jm@virginia.edu)

I see the role of treasurer as an opportunity to think about the future of SD at UVA and how we can invest in it. I’m excited to work on engaging our alumni and support mods and other organizations through external events!